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My personal style preference is modern but characterful. I love all things geometric, and playing with punches of bold colours alongside bright white to create impactful results. But by choosing me as your Interior Designer, you're choosing someone who will listen carefully to the aspirations you have for your room. 

I'll interpret your wish list and combine the right colour palette, textures, furnishings and accessories to bring your individual style to life. Whether you prefer traditional to modern, minimalist over eccentric, rustic rather than chic, the most important thing is to create a space that feels like home for you and your family.

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I'm not afraid of colour, but I use it wisely


Colour is a brilliant way to transform the look and feel of a space, as well as ensuring it reflects your personality. Both the colour palette you choose, and how carefully you use it, can be the difference between a satisfying, homely, professional finish and a tacky, unlivable eyesore. So it's important to get it right.

There are lots of rules about colour but sometimes rules are there to be stretched or broken, and doing so can have fantastic results. Whether you love vibrant, punchy colours, pale pastels or clean white spaces, I'll work with you to make sure we get the balance right. We'll create the perfect feel for your room.   

I choose and combine the right patterns


Some people are wary of using pattern, and rightly so given some of the hideous wallpapers and carpets of years gone by! But there are some great patterns out there and, if used well, they can elevate a lovely design into a spectacular one. Whether the design lends itself to modern geometric patterns or fabulous florals, I incorporate them cleverly and sparingly for maximum impact.


Textures affect both the comfort and practicality of a room. The choice of wooden or tiled floors over carpet, and shutters over curtains or blinds should be driven both by how it looks and feels, but also by how the room will be used by you and your family.


I truly understand the value of zoning


Zoning is the art of positioning your different design elements (from furniture and to feature walls) into carefully planned areas of the room based on their function. It unlocks fantastic design opportunities and is valuable whether a room is single purpose or multi functional. It's a great way to maximise the feeling of space.

Beyond an individual room, a great way to enhance the perception of space is to have some colours or design elements that flow between rooms, tying the spaces together and avoiding a complete break in design between adjoining rooms. When done well, zoning doesn't mean each room can't have it's own identity & feel.

I know it's the finishing touches make it feel like home


Furniture not only shapes the lines and flow of the room, it also introduces colour, texture and character. Picking pieces that tie into the colour scheme and style of the room leads to a calm, relaxing space, and adding in an accent piece adds a striking feature that can take the impact of the design to another level.

Accessorising a room is where it gets really fun! Through the careful selection of soft-furnishings (rugs, blankets, cushions etc.) and accessories (artwork, picture frames, clocks, candles etc.), I add interest and a final punch of design flair to your room. Getting this process right ties the design together and brings it to life.

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